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It's Becca, here with the latest update on my service and support offerings to the pregnant and postpartum communities.  First, I want to thank you all so much for your continued support of my small business, reaching out with kind words, and for understanding the changes over the past few months.  Currently, our group in-person Prenatal Yoga Series, Restore Your Core Series, and Yoga Teacher Trainings all remain canceled for the foreseeable future and until the spread of COVID-19 drastically decreases.  With the current pregnant and breastfeeding mama  virus evidence (listed in the section below), I cannot in good conscience host in-person group classes to the vulnerable population.  I have truly missed seeing you all, chatting after class, giving hugs, and the irreplaceable connection that comes with being physically in your presence and I absolutely look forward to when in-person group classes can being again!


I have been very fortunate to be able to adapt parts of my service offerings to the pandemic restrictions.  I am pleased to still be accepting doula clients and teaching our Birth with Confidence Childbirth Courses in a Zoom online conference setting.  I have also been working hard at transitioning other offerings to a virtual medium, stay tuned for those updates in the near future.  

For those of you wanting and looking for a safe and healthy exercise program to do at home, I recommend the One Strong Mama program for pregnant mamas ($10 Promo Code: DCNG0106), and the Restore Your Core program for postpartum mamas ($10 Promo Code: AF1052); both can be done online as well as downloaded to do offline.  I can vouch for and stand behind each of these online programs!  I encourage each of you to pay attention to your self-care during this time, as your physical and emotional wellness are an essential part of maintaining your health!

Making adjustments and surviving the pandemic restrictions hasn't been easy, however I always aim and will continue to strive to provide the best value and quality of support that I am capable.  The impact of business closers, support restrictions, and isolation has been significant to us all as a community and as individuals; for my small business, my family, and myself, it is intimidating.  My mission is to first and foremost support and elevate our community and I believe it is my calling to empower those transitioning into parenthood.  Bringing a baby into this world can already bring on feelings of unease, without the inclusion of COVID-19, so during this time I especially want to do my part in supporting each of you. 

There is little information on the impacts of COVID-19 on pregnancy, breastfeeding, and babies, but I have been following the news and will continue to educate myself on the impact the virus has on the pregnant and postpartum population.  I have compiled some information on this subject, posted it below, and will continue to update it as more evidence becomes available.


Wear a mask in public, wash your hands frequently, and be well my friends.  Please keep a lookout to your inbox for future communications from me.




Considerations for Pregnancy, Birth, Breastfeeding, and Infants

The following information is provided to educate families on the currently known evidence on the effects of COVID-19 on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and infants.  Please understand that there is very limited information on this subject, I will be continually monitoring the situation and  examining the best available resources. Here is what I can share with you today:


Links to Public Health and Related Organizations:

Evidence to Consider, Keep in Mind Evidence is Limited:

  • With regard to COVID-19, early available data did not indicate that pregnant individuals were at an increased risk of infection or severe morbidity compared with non-pregnant individuals in the general population. However, a recent data analysis from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 surveillance suggest that in women with COVID-19, pregnant women appear to be at increased risk for certain manifestations of severe illness compared to non-pregnant peers.  Specifically, these data indicate an increased risk of ICU admissions (1 in 68 of pregnant versus 1 in 110 non-pregnant women) and mechanical ventilation (1 in 195 of pregnant versus 1 in 370 non-pregnant women). [ACOG Corona Virus Practice Advisory >]

Managing support partners at doctors visits and for birth during the pandemic:

Around the world, care provider offices and hospital visitation policies are becoming quite restrictive. It's important to remember that doulas and partners are not visitors, rather, they are members of the health care team and their presence is critical to having safe birth outcomes. However, I know that parents are becoming anxious about the possibility of themselves and their doulas being turned away from the hospital (and doulas are worried, too!). As far as resources go...


If you go to any appointment (prenatal, postpartum, or pediatric) or arrive at a facility to give birth and your partner and/or doula are turned away, here are a few option to advocate for:

  • First, list your rights to have your support partner(s) with you. Find info in the above paragraph. ^^^

  • If the facility's policy simply won't accommodate your appeals to have your partner(s) present with you, request that you video or phone chat throughout your appointment. 

  • And if the facility has a policy against phone calls, as they can have an effect on medical devices, then ask if you can video record the appointment.

  • Lastly, remember that you always have to option to seek care at a different facility that will welcome your partner(s).

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