How awesome is this age of technology that you can now take an online interactive yoga or fitness lesson from your house?! That's right, if you have a webcam and internet connection, you can sign up for a private skype or facetime lesson! You don't have to be confined by a studio's class calendar, you can work out a schedule that fits into your routine. And if that isn't reason enough to book a class, know that each session is tailored to meet your needs and goals!

This modality of interaction is so convenient for people that have a hard time getting out of the house and for those who travel often. For moms that have to prepare 100 more things, just to walk out the door. For business women that travel for work and just want some consistency in their fitness regimen. You can receive all the great benefits of yoga from anywhere with an internet connection: your home, office, hotel, backyard, beach, and beyond.

There's just 5 simple steps to set up a session...

1.) You'll need a computer or ipad with video & speakers.

2.) Download Skype (it's free) OR skip this step if you already have Skype or Facetime.

3.) Schedule an Online Yoga or Fitness session with an instructor.

4.) Create a yoga space that can be seen by the webcam.

5.) Sign-on and let the teacher guide you!


Hey Reader! I'm glad you are curious about online yoga. You better believe that I offer these awesomely convenient sessions! If you'd like to set up an interactive online session with me, just click on this link to find out more!




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