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Summit County Fertility, Prenatal, and Postpartum Resources 2021

Hospitals, Birth Centers, & Home Birth Midwives

St Anthony's Summit Birth Center- Hospital Frisco, 970-668-8200 Vail Health Family Birth Center- Hospital Vail, 970-479-7181 Valley View Family Birth Place- Hospital Glenwood Springs, 970-945-6535 Yampa Valley Medical Center- Hospital Steamboat Springs, 970-871-2412 Boulder Community Health Family Birth Center- Hospital Boulder, 303-415-7350 UCHealth Anschutz- Hospital Aurora, 720-848-4111 The Birth Center of Boulder- Free Standing Birth Center Boulder, 303-443-3993 Denver Center for Birth and Wellness- Free Standing Birth Center Littleton, 303-999-0234 Hygge Birth and Baby- Free Standing Birth Center Denver, 720-646-7599 Seasons Midwifery and Birth Center- Free Standing Birth Center Thornton, 303-999-3950 Beginnings Birth Center- Free Standing Birth Center Colorado Springs, 719-367-9405 Birth Center of Denver- Hospital Owned Free Standing Birth Center Denver, 303-812-2373 Mountain Family Midwifery- Home Birth in High Rockies Region Salida, 719-221-3937 Meadowsweet Midwifery- Home Birth in High Rockies Region Lakewood, 720-606-9996 Birthroot Midwifery- Home Birth in High Rockies Region Steamboat Springs, 970-343-2968

Obstetricians, Midwives, and Women’s Health Care Providers

High Country Health Care Frisco, 970-668-5771 Dr Javier Gutierrez Dr Laura Howell Dr Michael Gottlieb Taylor Morrison, Certified Nurse Midwife Birth at St Anthony's Hospital Birth Center Swan Mountain Women’s Center Breckenridge & Buena Vista, 970-423-8840 Dr Andre Catron Dr Holly Hickman Dr Shelby Osborne Birth at St Anthony's Hospital Birth Center Colorado Mountain Medical Vail, Avon, & Eagle, 970-476-5695 Dr Rochelle Bernstein Dr Cheryl Kohn Dr Keith Samuels Dr Gale Santa Maria Birth at Vail Health Hospital Family Birth Center Obstetrix Medical Group of Colorado Edwards, 970-904-6164 Dr Tara Becker Dr O William Jones Birth at Vail Health Hospital Family Birth Center Women's Health at Valley View Glenwood Springs & Eagle, 970-447-4110 5+ Care Providers Birth at Valley View Family Birth Center UCHealth Women's Care Clinic Steamboat Springs & Craig, 970-879-3738 5+ Care Providers Birth at Yampa Valley Medical Center Denver Health Midwives Denver, 303-436-4949 5+ Care Providers Birth at Denver Health Hospital South Denver OBGYN and Midwives Littleton, 303-738-1100 5+ Care Providers Birth at Littleton Adventist Hospital Mountain Vista Midwifery Englewood, 303-788-8808 5+ Care Providers Birth at Swedish Medical Center Hospital UCHealth Center for Midwifery Denver, 720-848-1700 10+ Care Providers Birth at UCHealth Anschutz Hospital Midwives at Rose Denver, 303-320-2944 5+ Care Providers Birth at Rose Medical Center Hospital Seasons Midwifery and Birth Center Thornton, 303-999-3950 5+ Care Providers Birth at Seasons Birth Center Denver Center for Birth and Wellness Midwives Littleton, 303-999-0234 10+ Care Providers Birth at Denver Center for Birth and Wellness Birth Center of Denver Midwives Denver, 303-812-2363 10+ Care Providers Birth at Brith Center of Denver Birth Center of Boulder Midwives Boulder, 303-443-3993 5+ Care Providers Birth at Birth Center of Boulder Hygge Birth and Baby Midwives Denver, 720-464-7599 5+ Care Providers Birth at Hygge Birth and Baby Mountain Family Midwifery Salida, 719-221-3937 Alli Gober, Midwife Birth at Home in the High Rockies Region Meadowsweet Midwifery Lakewood, 720-606-9996 Melissa Sexton, Midwife Samantha Venn, Midwife Birth at Home in the High Rockies Region Birthroots Midwifery Steamboat Springs, 970-343-2968 Astrid Grove, Midwife Birth at Home in the High Rockies Region

Fertility Specialists

Denver Fertility- Albrecht Women’s Care Denver, 720-420-1570 Rocky Mountain Fertility Center Parker and Castle Rock, 303-999-3877 Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine Lone Tree, 303-788-8300 Denver, 303-355-2555 University of Colorado Advance Reproductive Medicine Denver, 303-724-8089 Mountain River Naturopathic Clinic Frisco, 970-668-1300 Dr Kimberly Nearpass Dr Chantal Binder Naturopathic Clinic Vail, 970-930-1178 Dr Chantal Binder Vail Fertility Vail, 970-926-6588 Kellie Krasovec, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Cedar and Sage Health Eagle, 970-331-4633 Clair Smith, Reproductive Health Massage

Pregnancy and Birth Support, Education, and Awareness

Empowered Push- Lamaze Childbirth Classes Becca Holcomb & Cory Andersen Frisco, 970-368-2689 Mountain Calm Birthing- HypnoBirthing Classes Erin McShea Eagle, 970-261-3561 Centering Pregnancy- Childbirth Classes High Country Health Care Frisco, 970-668-5771 Prepared Childbirth- Childbirth Classes Mary Jo Foley, Summit Medical Center Frisco, 970-668-2875 Childbirth Education & Natural Birth Seminar Vail Health Family Birth Center Vail, 970-479-7181 Nurse Family Partnership- Personal Nurse Stephanie Munchoff Frisco, 970-668-9711 Elements Wellness- Birth Doula, Pre/Post-natal Yoga, Spinning Babies & Lamaze Educator Becca Holcomb Dillon, 970-368-2689 Peaceful Peak Doula- Birth Doula, Lamaze Educator Cory Anderson Frisco, 720-940-6695 Ashleigh Baker- Birth Doula Leadville, 760-219-2572 Sage and Cedar Health- Birth Doula, Reproductive & Infant Massage Clair Smith Eagle, 970-688-0125 Mountain Calm Birthing- HynoBirthing Birth & Postpartum Doula, HypnoBirthing Educator Erin McShea Eagle, 970-261-3561 Baby Moon Birthing- Birth & Postpartum Doula, Placenta Services Kiarra Galvez Gypsum, 970-319-2358 Aspen Stars- Birth & Postpartum Doula, Breast Milk Jewelry Nelia Borden Vail, 970-331-3906 TLC Birthing Experience- Birth & Postpartum Doula, Birth & Lactation Educator Shama Vail, 970-390-7754 Desert Moon Birth Work- Birth Doula, Placenta Encapsulation, Lactation Counselor Caitlin & Nicole Buena Vista, 405-802-3669 Wisdom Within Services- Placenta Encapsulation, Tinctures, Trauma Informed & LGBTQ Birth Doula Dwenna Nelson Gypsum, 970-977-9117

Complex Pregnancy and Birth Support

Gestational Diabetes Rose Medical Center, Denver, Gestational Diabetes Education Course High Blood Pressure Advanced Maternal Age Teen Perinatal Care Teen Parent Collabrative Center for Young Women's Health Childrens Hospital Colorado Young Mother's Clinic Planned Parenthood VBAC All of the Denver/Front Range Providers named on this list. VBAC Education Project, ICAN Denver Breech Turn (32+ weeks) Breech Vaginal Birth: Dr Michael Hall, Englewood, 303-788-8800 Dr Johnny Johnson, Denver, 303-261-3825 Dr Matthew Breeden, Denver, 303-861-4914 Breech Without Borders Twins/Multiples NICU, Birth Defects and Disabilities Ronald McDonald House Trauma Survivor When Survivors Give Birth by Penny Simkin Pregnancy and Infant Loss - Denver Support Group BIPOC Perinatal Care Irth App Listen to Me Now The Savvy Black Birther Black Women Birthing Justice Black Mamas Matter Alliance Consious Pregnancy LGBTQIA+ Perinatal Care Family Equality Provider Directory Gay Parents To Be Lighthouse National LGBTQIA Health Education Center Our Family Coalition LGBTQ Perinatal Wellness Center University of Colorado Advance Reproductive Medicine CCRM Fertility Disabled Perinatal Care disAbility Maternity Care Through the Looking Glass National Research Center for Parents with Disabilities Sexuality and Disability Center for Independent Living Parenting Resources Obsterix Violence, Perinatal Care & Birthing Rights Human Rights In Childbirth Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades Colorado Office of Inspector General

Prenatal and Postpartum Wellness Providers

Alternative Chiropractic Center Dr Shannon Maser Chiropractor, Webster Technique Frisco, 970-368-6173 Chiropractic Health & Acupuncture Dr John Graham Chiropractor, Webster Technique Frisco, 970-668-3299 Summit Chiro & Rehab Dr Ivo Waerlop Chiropractor, Webster Technique Frisco, 970-515-9234 TLC Acupuncture & Natural Medicine Tami Clark Acupuncture Frisco, 970-372-1907 Balanced Crane Acupuncture Lynne Drakos Acupuncture Breckenridge, 970-547-9415 Elements Wellness Becca Holcomb, Personal Trainer, E-RPYT Prenatal and Postpartum Movement Specialist Dillon, 970-368-2689 Restorative Bodywork Therapies Michelle Licha-Oros Scar Tissue Massage Therapist Kremmling, 970-509-0348 Mountain River Naturopathic Clinic Dr Kimberly Nearpass Mayan Abdominal Massage, Naturopathic Dr. Frisco, 970-668-1300 Howard Head Sports Medicine Dr Quinn Griffin Jenson Pelvic Health Physical Therapist Silverthorne & Vail, 970-262-0179 Breckenridge Physical Therapy Dr Ellie Allan Pelvic Health Physical Therapist Breckenridge, 970-485-3421 Ambika Herbals Erika Ragusa Prenatal Massage Breckenridge, 970-368-3270 Soothe Spa Rachel Allen Prenatal Massage Breckenridge, 970-547-8701 Radiant Mountain Massage Laurel Rivera Prenatal Massage Dillon, 970-485-9864

Counseling and Therapy for Pregnancy, Postpartum Depression/Anxiety, Parents, and Couples

Vail Relationship Institute Vail, 303-717-0801 Healing Choices Arvada, 720-273-4823 Postpartum Wellness Center Boulder, 303-955-6809 The Catalyst Center Denver, 720-675-7123 Winding Path Counseling Denver, 303-219-0889 Center for Shared Insight Denver, 720-644-6698 Elizabeth Sheaffer Counseling Frisco, 720-352-7236 Jane Fineberg Counseling Frisco, 309-299-1579 Elizabeth Brothers Counseling Frisco, 970-485-3956 Building Hope Summit County Frisco, 970-485-6271

Lactation Consultants, Breastfeeding Support, Education, and Awareness

Women Infants and Children (WIC)- Lactation Consultant & Resources Frisco, 970-668-9161 Fairplay, 719-836-4161 Leadville, 719-486-2749 Kremmling, 970-725-3288 Fraser, 970-725-3288 Steamboat Springs, 970-879-1632 Buena Vista, 719-395-0344 Eagle, 970-328-8840 Glenwood Springs, 970-945-6614 Summit Medical Center- Breastfeeding Classes, Lactation Consultant, Support Group, Equipment Rentals Mary Jo Foley Frisco, 970-668-2875 Vail Health- Breastfeeding Classes, Lactation Consulatant, Support Group, Equipment Rentals Vail, 970-479-6455 (MILK) Yampa Valley Medical Center- Breastfeeding Classes, Lactation Consulatant, Support Group, Equipment Rentals Steamboat Springs, 970-871-2412 Valley View Family Birth Place- Lactation Consulatant, Support Group Glenwood Springs, 970-384-7233 Desert Moon Birth Work- Lactation Counselor Nicole Buena Vista, 405-802-3669 Elaine Kuepper- Lactation Counselor Buena Vista & Fairplay, 913-908-4778 The Local Latch- Lactation Counselor, Breastfeeding Classes, Support Group Ann Corghan & Megan Lombardo Buena Vista & Salida, 719-398-1406 Chaffee County Breastfeeding Coalition- Lactation Counselor, Education & Resources Salida, 719-530-2569 Healthy Start Nurse Home Visitor- Lactation Consulatant Cassondra Franco & Emily Anderson Buena Vista & Salida, 719-530-2566 The Mamahood- Breastfeeding Classes, Lactation Consultant, Support Group, Equipment Rentals Amanda Ogden & Team Denver, 303-643-5662 La Leche League- Support Group Sandy, Silverthorne, 970-333-8500 Thea Gab, Leadville, 303-842-7577 Lorraine Redmond, Salida, 719-20-5008 Elaine Kuepper, Buena Vista, 913-980-4778 Jennie, Evergreen/Conifer, 303-960-7438 Barb, Corrine, & Sally, Glenwood Springs, 970-384-2829 Jessica, Steamboat Springs, 970-717-0871 Ascent Physical Therapy- Infant Craniosacral Therapy Diana Marshall, Avon, 970-209-8360 Shine Studio Vail- Infant Craniosacral Therapy Linda Wells, Edwards, 970-401-4010 Amaryllis Therapy Network- Infant Craniosacral Therapy Denver, 303-433-0852 Colorado Mountain Medical ENT- Tounge/Lip Tie Release Avon, 970-926-6340 Pediatric Dental Group of Colorado- Tounge/Lip Tie Release Frisco, 970-668-8668 A Kidz Dentist- Tounge/Lip Tie Release Steamboat Springs, 970-879-7976 Colorado Tounge Tie- Tounge/Lip Tie Release Denver, 720-507-0077 A Wild Smile- Tounge/Lip Tie Release Denver, 720-945-1234 Equipment Rentals Online​ Mothers’ Milk Bank- Milk Bank Receive/Donate Salida, Steamboat Springs, Boulder, Denver Human Milk 4 Human Babies Colorado- Milk Bank Receive/Donate Colorado Breastfeeding Coalition- Advocacy & Resources National Women's Law Center- Breastfeeding Insurance Coverage Toolkit

Pediatricians, Family Doctors, and Children’s Hospitals

Ebert Family Clinic Dr Christine Ebert-Santos Pediatrician Frisco, 970-668-1616 High Country Health Care Dr Carlton Loomis and Dr Durant Abernethy Pediatricians Frisco, 970-668-5584 Mountain River Naturopathic Clinic Dr Kimberly Nearpass Dr Eryn Scott Dr Justin Pollack Family Naturopathic Doctor Frisco, 970-668-1300 Dr Chantal Binder Naturopathic Clinic Dr Chantal Binder Family Naturopathic Doctor Vail, 970-930-1178 Colorado Mountain Medical Dr Janet Engle and Dr Leslie Fishman Pediatricians Vail, 970-926-6340 Pediatrician Next Door Dr Gregory Miranda Pediatrician Vail, 970-763-7540 Mountain Pediatrics Dr Valeri Leswing Pediatrician Evergreen, 303-847-0040 Denver West Pediatrics 5+ Pediatric Providers Golden, 303-216-0333 Every Child Pediatrics 10+ Pediatric Providers Lakewood, 720-508-8400 Children’s Hospital Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora, 720-777-1234 South Campus, Highlands Ranch, 720-478-1234 St Anthony Summit Birth Center- Level I Nursery Frisco, 970-668-8200 Vail Health Family Birth Center- Level II Nursery Vail, 970-479-7181 Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children Free Nurse Hotline, 303-563-3300 or 1-877-647-7440 Presbyterian/St Lukes, Denver, 720-754-1000

Newborn Support, Education, and Awareness

Bright by Three Ruth Hendricks, Summit FIRC 970-455-0229 Infant CPR Summit Medial Center, Frisco, 970-668-2875 Baby Care and Sibling Classes Vail Health, Vail, 970-479-7181 The Mamahood, Denver, 303-643-5662 Sleep Specialist Colorado Dream Co, Evergreen, 720-588-0608 The Mamahood, Denver, 303-643-5662 Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby, Denver, 720-899-6576 Daddy/Partner Bootcamp The Mamahood, Denver, 303-643-5662 Swedish Medical Center, Englewood, Presbyterian/St Luke’s, Denver, 720-754-7339

Child Care Options

Early Childhood Options Dillon, 970-523-1170 Colorado Childcare Assistance Program Summit County, 970-668-9136 Mountain Sitters Summit County, 970-331-1763 Summit County Preschool Frisco, 970-668-5508 Little Red School House Breckenridge, 970-453-6871 Lake Dillon Preschool Dillon, 970-468-1606

Community Programs, Support Groups, and Shelters

FIRC Home Visits 970-455-0226 Women Infants and Children (WIC) 970-668-9199 Early Intervention Colorado 970-668-9713 St Anthony Summit Medical Center New Moms Brunch, Support Group Frisco, 970-668-8200 Vail Health Family Birth Center Baby and Me Support Group Vail, 970-479-7181 New Moms and Dads Play & Support Group Frisco, 970-668-9186 MOPS Book Babies- Baby Story Time Silverthorne Library, 970-668-4280 Mind Springs Health- Counseling Services Frisco, 970-668-3478 Family First Support Line 1-877-695-7996 For when parenting gets tough. Summit Advocates for Victims of Assault Frisco, 970-668-3906 Online Resources: Summit County Moms, Facebook Group Summit County MOPS, Facebook Group

Other Local Resources

Kay Beaton Newborn Photography 970-468-1166 Elements Wellness doTERRA Essential Oils Dillon, 970-368-2689