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You can learn all about Becca's pointers, projects, and  products through the Elements Wellness monthly newsletter and social media.  Don't miss an update!


Read extraordinary tales and have enlightening talks with the women of Elements Book Club!  If you are looking for an enriching group, join this bunch of lady bookworms in reading inspirational texts.  Checkout our book schedule and come talk with us every other month!

Past Reads

The Alchemist*

by Paulo Coelho

The Dharma Bums

by Jack Kerouac

The Empty Mirror

by Janwillem Van De Westering

My Life on the Road

by Gloria Steinem

The Road of Lost Innocence

by Somaly Mam

Milk and Honey*

by Rupi Kaur

Here We Are:

Feminism for the Real World

edited by Kelly Jensen

The Crowning Glory of

Calla Lily Ponder

by Rebecca Wells

The Vagina Monologues

by Eve Ensler

The Handmaid's Tale

by Margaret Atwood

Tales of a Female Nomad*

by Rita Golden Gelman

Women Who Run with the Wolves

by Clarissa Pinkola Estés

The Way of the Happy Woman: Living the Best Year of Your Life 

by Sara Avant Stover

Girl, Wash Your Face*

by Rachel Hollis

Girl, Stop Apologizing*

by Rachel Hollis

Wild: From Lost to Found

on the Pacific Crest Trail

by Cheryl Strayed

The Bell Jar

by Sylvia Plath

* Indicates Book Club Favorite!

what are we currently reading?

The Radium Girls

by Kate Moore


Read what everyone is saying about Becca and the services she offers!  These testimonials are from clients, teachers, and peers.


Becca's prenatal yoga class is so great!  She is very knowledgeable about and in-tune with pregnant women's bodies and changes brought on by pregnancy so she can perfectly tailor the workout to what we need.  Becca's class is also a fun way to meet other expectant mom's and share our experiences or ask questions.  It's a great way to relax, energize, and prepare for your baby's birth.  I highly recommend Becca's class to any expectant moms out there!

Melissa C


Prenatal Yoga Series

Becca is amazing!!!  I did a prenatal yoga class with her.  She made everyone feel very welcome and the class really focused on not only yoga that we could do pregnant, but also gave us some great movements that would help us during labor.  I also really enjoyed that the class really focused on emotions, community, etc.  I met some great friends and Becca did a wonderful job facilitating that.  Would highly recommend!!!!!  She is wonderful!



Prenatal Yoga Series

Becca is amazing at what she does! I did pre and post natal yoga with her.  I learned movements that would help my body prepare for labor, as well as movements to help me throughout my labor.  At one session, my husband joined and was able to learn movements that would support me.  Post natal, I learned movements and poses to use to strengthen and regain my core/body.  Becca is incredibly knowledgeable and thorough in her work.  My husband and I are grateful to have worked with Becca!

Morgan v


Private mama Yoga Sessions

I couldn't have imagined giving birth to our son without Becca's love and encouragement as our doula.  She was so supportive during pregnancy, and labor and continues to be postpartum.  I would highly recommend Becca as a doula or for any other pregnancy services!   She is knowledgeable, professional and extremely passionate about what she does.  She provides support that you might not even know you need!

alix j


birth doula support

My husband and I hired Becca as our Doula and it was the best decision we made!  Becca was incredibly supportive and informative before, during and after.  She always made us feel so cared for.  Every decision we had to make had options and she let you choose without forcing an opinion on you.  We had a very long two day labor and I can guarantee without a doubt that without her guidance we would have ended up with a cesarean. She was constantly having me do different exercises and stretches to help get baby into position.  As tired as I was, she never stopped having faith in me.  Her knowledge and encouragement helped us tremendously throughout the labor.  We are forever grateful to have had Becca as our Doula and would highly recommend her to anyone who is pregnant! It's so worth it!

faith s


birth doula support

Becca is a wonderful Doula! Before the birth of my son, she thoroughly discussed all the subjects related to her roll as my Doula and things myself and my husband needed to be prepared for. We went through different birthing positions, discussed my birth plan and practiced counter pressure. During my labor she kept me comfortable, hydrated, and reassured me through all of my choices while reminding me that they were MY CHOICES and that I needed to do what I wanted to do. She helped me stay focused when I had lost my rhythm and helped encourage me to stay relaxed as much as possible. After the birth of my son, she checked in with my husband and I and made sure we were eating, sleeping, succeeding in our new roll as parents and discussed the birth process. Throughout the entire experience Becca was so professional, responsive, loving, encouraging and knowledgeable.

Megan v


birth doula support

Very thorough training. Becca really helped us understand the perspective of pregnant women and how to safely support them in classes. Physical needs and protection. Emotional understanding and support. I absolutely left with more confidence in my offerings to pregnant women in my yoga classes.

kimberly g


movement for mamas ytt module

Becca has taken a couple of my workshops, each time I found her to be an attentive and active participant. I felt her well thought out questions were always based on the welfare of her future doula clients. She continually demonstrated her kind heart in the way she interacted and assisted her fellow classmates. I feel confident she will carry these same wonderful qualities to the families she supports.

ann p


doula training

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