How a mama is taken care of in the first 42 days postpartum will effect her for the next 42+ years of her life!

     That statement is one that I cannot stress enough to the mamas and families that I work with.  It is so incredibly important for mamas to actually take time to rest and recover prior to getting back into a routine of house hold chores and exercise and work and caring for others (besides her new baby).  Seriously, it will effect her for the rest of her life!  Carrying a baby and giving birth is hard work, it takes a toll on her body, and she needs to recover!

     In today's American society,...

     Every mama and family should be prepared to address postpartum emotional concerns after bringing home baby.  The emotional spectrum new mamas go through in the days, weeks, months, and even years following the birth of her baby can be a rollercoaster for her, as well as other family members.  To start addressing these emotional concerns, it is important to be educated and able to differentiate between some mood conditions: Baby Blues, Postpartum Depression/Anxiety, Postpartum Psychosis.  Below, these conditions are defined and list their common characteristics.

     Please note, if you find yourself or so...

    A birth plan, or care preferences document, is a statement of your preferences for your birth and it demonstrates to your birth team that you intend to take an active role in the decision-making process of your labor and birth. You can search for samples online, or if you have a doula she can help you prepare this document, and you should share it with every member of your birth team in advance in order to address any questions or concerns or to catch any preferences which cannot be accommodated at your birth place or in your particular medical situation.

     Keep in mind that your audience is your care team (OB or midwife, nurses and oth...

     So, you've decided that you would like a Doula's support at your birth and have created a list of potential candidates, now what?!  Time to set-up and hold interviews. 

     Conducting an in-person interview with your potential Doula(s) is strongly recommended.  When it comes to choosing a Doula that is the right match for you, it is important to remember that the person(s) you decide upon will be with you in an extraordinarily intimate time. Your and your partner's level of comfort with the doula is a very significant consideration while you are interviewing.  Therefore, meeting your potential Doulas in person will hel...

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